Why the name spoon?

Everyone has a spoon in their kitchen – a reliable, unbreakable tool. Unleash your creativity, and you’ll find its boundless potential: from popping open a bottle of beer to crafting a musical instrument, creating art, or improvising a measuring tool. It can even help you retrieve objects from tight spots.

In the world of consulting companies, many specialize in a single tool or concept, often their own, much like a magnificent coffee machine capable of brewing various fancy coffee types. And we all understand the positive impact of good coffee on motivation!

However, here’s the trick: mastering all the machine’s options demands days of training, and let’s face it, most of us end up using just one or two choices. As a business leader, your responsibilities extend far beyond coffee; you have an entire household to manage! In other words, you cannot become a specialist nor buy fancy machines for every single one of your daily business activities.

With Spoon, our philosophy centers on unleashing your potential and thinking innovatively to accomplish tasks with the resources at your disposal. Certainly, there are times when complexity demands top-notch tools. That’s why we collaborate with a network of experts when necessary

Our philosophy in practice:


We demistify complex theories, refine concepts, and sometimes blend them to make them more understandable and impactful. Metaphors, for instance, are a powerful way to convey intricate messages.


Our primary focus is to assist you in cultivating the right business habits that lead to sustainable growth by leveraging collective intelligence. This can only be achieved through empowerment and genuine coaching

Small steps

Every change is a journey, it is more a marathon than a sprint. To maintain motivation throughout, taking small steps is less energy-draining, and these small successes will continually fuel your motivation.

What we don't do:

  • Complexity (slides, theory…) : We concentrate on small, actionable steps- things that are easy to integrate in your daily business reality.
  • Long term assignments: Only long term partnership! Working for several customers in parallel force us to be sharper, enable us to be better aware of the market trends and always give to best to our customers as they are not dependent from us.

  • Training and teaching: We are coaches and business facilitators. We prioritize adult-to-adult relationship and are dedicated to achieving outcomes, not just outputs.
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