Thematic workshops tailored to your company

In our thematic workshops, participants gain awareness and develop skills in specific areas of business leadership. Our approach is hands-on and empowers individuals to apply insights to their day-to-day business operations.

The significant difference with our ‘Business Innovation’ product is that here, participants do not need to work together or hold similar positions. However, they encounter similar challenges in areas such as empowering and motivating teams, crafting departmental visions, and ensuring effective organization and execution.”

If you're interested in having one of our workshops conducted at your company, we offer the following two design possibilities:

Your goal aligns with one of our standard workshops (see open sessions).

Since all participants are from the same company, they operate within a shared framework. This implies that we'll customize the workshop (20%) to harmonize with your company's vision, strategy, and culture.

We'll also spotlight tools you're already implementing internally. In essence, this workshop will be tailored to your landscape, building upon your existing foundations.

We will co-design a workshop or learning journey tailored to your company's needs.

Through the years, we've cultivated a network of experts across diverse fields, which enables us to respond swiftly and deliver top-quality sessions in many domains.

Now, you might wonder why we don't offer 100% customization. Like other highly effective and efficient companies, we use well-mastered design and facilitation processes to ensure predictable outcome.

Not interrested in customization?  We’d suggest grabbing spots in open sessions. it will be more cost-efficient and that way, your team can learn from folks in other companies too.

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